How's Your Soul Ministries

Hows Your Soul is a ministry of a group of individuals from The Journey Church in Westfield, Indiana.  We meet from time to time to discuss and come up with creative, new ways to get people thinking about what their future holds, both in the mortal world and beyond. "How's Your Soul" is the product of one such venture.

Our goal is to get people to start thinking about the eternity of their soul. What it means to have a soul, and what happens to that soul once this life has ended. This one, singularly most neglected yet most important of what we are as humans needs to be cared for just like our physical bodies.

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We would love to meet  you and get to know you better, and answer any questions you may have! We would like to know if something was helpful for you or if we can do better as we attempt to share the Christian worldview.

How's Your Soul
17716 Eagletown Road
Westfield, IN  46074


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